Proactively collect reviews about your service

Why do 99% of visitors not convert to customers? Often, it's a lack of trust. One critical way to build trust is to show impartial reviews of your service written by thousands of customers. Service feedback is also a valuable tool for internally tracking and improving customer satisfaction and picking up on issues that otherwise would remain unnoticed.

With our solution, we send an email to your customers after their purchase prompting them to review their experience. Having seller reviews will help you in these ways.

  • Increase sales conversions
  • Track and improve your service
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Encourage repeat business

Key Features:

  • Fully branded email and review templates.
  • Adjustable time delay for sending out the review request.
  • All reviews are moderated by a TestFreaks professional to ensure validity.
  • Append your comments to any reviews.
  • Regular reporting on key metrics.

Simple Set-up:

  1. Provide us with an order feed or a bcc email of all new purchases.
  2. We will send out a branded email to prompt reviews post-purchase.
  3. We will moderate the collected reviews.
  4. Analyse Customer Satisfaction through the portal and deal with any issues.
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