Review Analytics and Monitoring

TestFreaks has aggregated in excess of twenty million product reviews from both experts and users from all across the world. Across tens of thousands of sites – retailers, user review platforms or industry renowned portals, we collect everything that is said. We pick the most relevant snippets from each review, so at a glance you can see overall opinion. We also collect the score, sub-scores and pros and cons where they are available.

This unrestricted mass of regularly updated data is available to manufacturers who want to know what the current global opinion is on each of their own products, and optionally those of their competitors. All departments can benefit from this information, from R&D, Strategy and New Product Development through to Marketing, Sales and Customer Support. Spot both positive and negative patterns or commonly occurring issues, track progress through product revisions or benchmark competitor products, there's no limit to what you can use this data for.

Reduce market research costs and improve the performance of your product portfolio by fully understanding trends in product feedback globally.