Testfreaks Data

  • Can TestFreaks help my search engine placement?
    By collecting reviews from your clients and displaying them on your site you will consistently be adding fresh content which keeps you relevant in search engine algorithms. Additionally, with visitors reading reviews they will spend more time on your site which also helps in determining search engine rankings.
  • Do your solutions work on mobile sites and devices?
    Yes, our solutions all are optimized for mobile sites and devices.
  • Do you have white label integrations?
    We do have a white-label solution, please contact us for details.
  • Where do all the reviews come from?
    Just about everywhere. We collect reviews from professional industry magazines, consumer review sites, other retailers and manufacturer websites. Visitors to the TestFreaks sites can also add reviews.
  • What about other languages?
    TestFreaks collects and aggregates reviews from sources in many global markets. Our solutions are readily available in all major global languages and other languages can be easily added.
  • Can I hide negative reviews?
    No! It is expected that there will be a certain number of negative reviews written. It's the overall opinion that counts, so a few bad reviews will increase confidence in the review data and increase conversion rate. It will also ensure that the best product (which usually costs more) receives the best reviews which increases your average transaction value.
  • Where should I display the badge?
    It’s entirely up to you, but in order to achieve maximum effect, it should be placed in a prominent position on the product page near the add to cart button.
  • Can I exclude certain sources of review content?
    Yes. You can exclude all user reviews (and display only expert sources). You can exclude non-local language content, or you can specify certain sources to be hidden.
  • Do you provide regular reporting for clients?
    Yes. We send regular reporting detailing key metrics. The frequency and timing can be set up to meet your needs.
  • How much do your solutions cost?
    We take various things into account before arriving at a monthly fee (traffic, number of sites, type of implementation), please contact us to discuss your requirements. What we can say though is that there is no setup fee, and we work with businesses large and small.
  • How should I supply my product information to TestFreaks?
    Through either a CSV or an XML feed. TestFreaks has a separate document detailing the requirements for this.
  • How do you match my products?
    TestFreaks has developed an advanced auto-matching system which processes your product data and matches it to our database using EAN/UPC, manufacturer ID and product name. When it is not possible to match in this way, we will manually match products based on your business priorities.
  • We have an off-the-shelf e-commerce package can your solutions still work?
    Our existing clients are using a wide variety of e-commerce platforms. Integration should be possible with any of them.
  • What happens when I add a new product to my site?
    TestFreaks checks your product feed daily, so it shouldn’t be too long before a review badge is displayed - as long as there are reviews for it.
  • Do I need any special programming skills to implement the TestFreaks badge?
    No, but you need to know how to edit a file on your site.
  • Will my site need to go offline to integrate TestFreaks services?
  • Will my site be slower to load with the TestFreaks service?
    It takes a split second to load the review data, so you won’t notice any delays. TestFreaks delivers and caches the badge through Akamai’s CDN, a top-tier content distribution network, to ensure fast performance globally regardless of where your site and your users are located.
  • I have more than one site. Can I include the same code on them all?
    If they are exact copies, then it should be possible, if not, TestFreaks will need to configure each site separately.
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